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Powerful care worker training

ACC UK provides carer training, learning and development solutions for care homes. We believe it is the most powerful training available to care companies in the UK today. Our approach to this important task is different.

ACC uses high definition films that tell stories that are engaging, informing and inspiring. These demonstrate a positive approach to care and best practice. The delivery mechanism for our training is flexible so that it can be tailored for the needs of your business.

Accredited and aligned with the needs of UK care companies, our courses draw on the knowledge of industry experts.

CIS and more

So for any care company looking for blended learning, CIS (Common Induction Standards) training, mandatory carer training and e-learning for care home staff, ACC UK care worker training helps you attain your essential care standards.

ACC is constantly listening to industry feedback and working with leading UK organisations to develop new content and new training programmes to ensure your care workers stay up to date with current best practice.

In comparison to other forms of social care training, including normal e-learning, ACC TV’s care training solutions stand out as being content-rich, engaging and simple to understand. More than this, our care worker training focuses on application in real-life situations, ensuring your staff not only learn the principles, but can also easily put them into practice in their day to day work in delivering person-centred care.

More than social care e-learning

Often e-learning solutions, whilst they can appear convenient, suffer greatly in terms of content delivery and inspiring care staff and managers to lift their ongoing performance in the care home.

Feedback from our many care company clients across the industry bears out the fact that ACC TV’s content score highly in terms of relevance, ease of learning and ability to apply. Not only this, carers are motivated and feel part of a larger community as a result of our interactive format.

Additionally, with ACC you keep in total control of your training budget. Even if a member of staff wishes to use ACC’s training materials many times over the cost to you remains the same.